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Monday, 2 May 2016

AddMeFast Vine Followers iMacros Script

Vine is a Video Sharing Service where you can share six second long looping video clips. Vine was founded in June 2012 and was acquired by the Twitter in October 2012. Since starting it is popular medium to reach more people but building a long follower list is little difficult but with the help of AddMeFast you can easily get followers but for that also you need AddMeFast points that you can get easily with the help of a iMacros Script.

AddMeFast Vine followers imacros script

AddMeFast provides points when we follow the person specified by AddMeFast but it is very time consuming and we have to again and again open a profile, follow it, then close it, for which we have to repeatedly click and we all know how boring it is to perform same kind of job repeatedly. The iMacros Script is only solution for this that can perform these boring jobs on your behalf.

 Download Vine Followers iMacros Script for AddMeFast 

Download the iMacros script from the above link for AddMeFast Vine Followers. One important thing that you need to know is Firefox is best browser for running iMacros scripts. You can download iMacros add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

After downloading the imacros script place it to the iMacros directory usually it is in Documents > iMacros > Macros . Open Mozilla Firefox and login to your AddMeFast and Vine Accounts.

Now click on the iMacros Add-on a sidebar will open where you can access the script that we have placed in the the iMacros directory. Put the value 99999 for the Vine Followers iMacros Script and click On Play button.

AddMeFast Vine followers imacros script

Hope you will like it. In case you feel any problem you can share it in the comment below.

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