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iMacros AddMeFast is a blogger website where you can download free iMacros scripts that can be used to earn AddMeFast points which can be redeemed as social media followers and fans. iMacros AddMeFast is a personal blog website owned by Ayush Tyagi. All the scripts and content present on this site is unique and created and written by Ayush Tyagi. This site is to serve you those precious iMacros scripts that you can use to earn points on social media. These are open source scripts and you are free to modify them as per your requirements.

With the hope that you will work done by me I bring this website. Mainly in beginning when I just heard of imacros scripts for AddMeFast, I searched them on internet and found it difficult to find them and some sites those who have working iMacros scripts either charge price for them or don't have all the iMacros Scripts for AddMeFast and that is why I bring all the Scripts at one place and if you have some problem you can reach me any time with the help of comment.


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