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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

AddMeFast Ask fm Likes iMacros Script

The site was founded in Latvia and launched on June 16, 2010 as a rival toFormspring. It has since overtaken the latter in terms of worldwide traffic generated with 150 million monthly unique users as of March 2015. The site was purchased by Ask.com in August 2014 with the intention to "focus on turning around the philosophy of the company and putting trust and safety first.


AddMeFast provides us points for  our likes on the Ask.fm but it is quite uncomfortable to open a Ask fm page then Like it and then close it. It took a lot to time but it gives points too. Using iMacros script for Ask fm likes on AddMeFast you can easily generate more points in less time. You just have to download the imacros script and follow the instructions to set it up.

After downloading the above Ask fm likes iMacros script place it into the default imacros directory for Mozilla Firefox which you will find in Documents > iMacros > Macros. After placing the script open the Firefox and Login to your AddMeFast and Ask.fm accounts.

Now click on the imacros add-on icon in the Firefox toolbar and a sidebar will appear where you can control the imacros functioning. Set the Maximum repeat value for the imacros as 99999 for the Ask.fm Likes iMacros script and click on the Play Button as shown in the screenshot below.

AddMeFast Ask fm Likes iMacros Script

Hope you will like it. In case you feel any problem you can share it in the comment below.

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